Aerodynamic equipment will never take the place of hard work....but that doesn't mean you can't still "buy speed" and now you can buy it at more affordable prices!

We sent our wheels out to the Faster Wind Tunnel in Scottsdale, AZ to see how we stack up against our competition. All testing protocol and supervisions were performed by independent consultant and Aerodynamic Specialist, Mike Giraud, while the test was administered by Aaron Ross, Faster Wind Tunnel's Director of Technology.

Below are the results of the test. The graphs are measured in Grams of Drag vs. Degree of Yaw. The lower the grams of drag at a particular yaw angle, the less resistance the wheel is creating against the wind and less watts it will take to propel that wheel forward through the wind. ie the less drag, the faster the wheel.

A series of tests were run looking at the aerodynamic drag of each wheel. These tests only include the front wheel of each pairing. The same tire and tube were used, t
ire pressure was kept consistent at 100psi and valve extender was removed after initial installation. The testing range was a sweep from positive to negative 25 degrees
and all conducted using a wind speed of 30mph as well as a 30mph wheel speed.

The results of these test are for aerodynamic performance of wheel only. With such a wide range of bicyle designs, each having their own unique interactions with the components around them, choosing to test wheel alone would provide the best platform to evaluate our design vs the Zipp and Flo designs.

We are pretty proud of how we compared... Both our ORR 6.4 and 8.4 consistantly out performed the Flo 60 and 90 as well as the Zipp 404 and 808. Take a look for yourself below.