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We are  a group of like minded individuals who LOVE their ORR Carbon Wheels and want to tell the world on social media, at races, and in their community! It doesn't matter if you are brand new to cycling/triathlon or a world class professional, you can feel right at home with us!


Why does ORR have a team?

First and foremost, because we like to have fun! We try to have as much fun as possible! Whether we are out on a race course cheering each other on, hanging in the expo, giving each other advice and support, we want to build each other up and have a good time doing it! Second, we use our teammates for product feedback and from time to time, we select a few of them to help do some product testing. 


Great ones - as in great people who are great ambassadors for the sport. Whether its cycling, triathlon, mountain bikes, cyclocross or gravel, wherever you ride, we want you to #RollTheO with us!

Well no... But a set of ORR Wheels will definitely help with that but being a “fast” athlete isn’t our primary objective with this team. We welcome athletes of all levels. From beginner to pro, as long as you are a good person, race clean and treat other athletes, officials and volunteers with respect, we want you to apply!!

A link to the application for the 2020 ORRFR Team will be available here on this page from September 25th - October 20th. 

No, we only open application once a year (typically in the Fall for the following year's team). 

Sorry, Applications are open to US residents only. 

Not only do you have access to amazing deals on ORR Wheels, accessories and gear but you’ll also have receive deals from the top companies in the industry as well as access to exclusive team only gear.

The final 2020 partner list will be released at a later date. Our awesome 2019 partners include AltRed, Bicycle Makeover ,ISM Saddles, Normatec, Nuun ,Rudy Project, XLAB, Zealios and Zoot Sport! You are not required to purchase or use any items for our partners but we encourage you to support them as they help support us. 

Of course! We encourage everyone to get involved with their local cycling and tri communities. 

We hope everyone who applies wants to be all in and fully committed to ORR but we understand you may have obligations and commitments to another team as well and we respect that. As long as it’s not one of our competitors (i.e. another wheel brand) we have a package that will fit your needs. 

Again, we'd love it if you did, but it’s not mandatory to ride, train or race in our gear to join the team. Although we do have an option if you want go all in with ORR that will come with a few extra perks but will require you to race in the team kit... your choice! 

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