Congratulations on being selected for the 2019 ORR Factory Racing Team! 

In this "TEAM STORE" you will notice below that you have many options for team gear, all at discounted prices. Keep in mind, YOU MUST at least purchase the 2019 ORR FACTORY RACING TEAM PACKAGE in order to complete the process of officially "joining" the team. You are not required to purchase any additional gear. We simply want to provide the opportunity for you to proudly wear your new team colors in training, at at the gym, at the grocery store, movies, expos etc. The minimums for each piece of gear is very low but we must sell at least 6 pieces in order to have them made. If you purchase something and the minimum isn't met for that item, we will refund your money for that item. Also, remember that your Team Package will include: 1- Team Tri SS Speed Aerosuit, 1- Team Hat, 1- T-Shirt, 2- Pair of ORR Cycling Socks and 2- Team Water Bottles. Buy as much or as little extra gear as you like. The Team Store will be open for a limited time only and all items are pre-order and will be shipped together and delivered to you as soon as the production is complete. 
***TEAM STORE CLOSES ON ???????????****
If you have any questions, reach out to Jason at 864-276-6797 or jason@orrcycling.com.